About Us

Our Mission

Like the Frenchies we know and love, here at Frenchie Rocks we are full of energy and drive. We are passionate about providing exceptional products for our furry friends, painstakingly selecting only the best quality.
If a member of your family is a Frenchie, then you're a member of our family.

Our Story

Our Frenchie Kong is, and forever will be the Inspiration for bringing our business to life.

Kong is our first Frenchie almost 2 years old now, and it's hard to imagine what life would be like without him. In the spring of 2020 our daughter Liz, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, the loss of a child is profound and left us devastated.

After a few months we decide to get the dog that we had always talked about, a Frenchie. He has given us so much more than we expected. Grief can leave us feeling empty and lost, and pets provide a sense of
reassurance and comfort to ease us through that void.

"Grief shared is half the grief. Joy shared is double the joy."-Anon

Our Frenchies aren't just our best friends, they are our family. They are amazing animals full of Love and personality.


As my wife and I are both Veterans, her the Air Force and myself the Marine Corps, we would like to thank all our troops and their families for preserving our freedom.Β 



Why Frenchie Rocks Products?

Because your Frenchie is worth it!

Our goal is to be your Everything Frenchie One-Stop Shop, when you feel the desire to spoil your Frenchie.

When you open a Frenchie Rocks Box you will notice the difference, we take the time to specially package our products so you will know your Frenchie is our top priority.

The special selections you make for your Frenchie
will be packaged with Love and care, and shipped promptly to your anxiously awaiting fur baby.

Whether your on a walk, on a plane, or a night out with your Frenchie. We want them looking and feeling their best.

We want everyone to know that "Your Frenchie Rocks"