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Can Frenchie's Swim?

Can Frenchies Swim?


 With longer days, warmer weather will be returning soon. Nothing is better on a hot summer
day than a dip in the pool or trip to the beach. But what about our Frenchie’s, can they partake in one of
the most popular summer activities of swimming? Since one of the first swimming strokes, we all learn is
the dog paddle, one might assume all dogs can swim. However, our unique little Frenchie’s are not
equipped to safely swim so the short answer is no, Frenchie’s can not swim. Why,  you may ask. Three
very specific reasons, flat noses, heavy torsos, and short legs.
First let’s look at the short noses, those cute little faces we all love are prone to brachycephalic
airway syndrome (BAS). This can lead to obstructed breathing, and we all know how important it is to
be able to breathe while swimming and not being able to keep that short snout above water adds to the

Second is the heavy torso. Everyone knows about the Frenchie’s stocky and muscular build. This
is not a great combination for swimming better suited for sinking. Sinking is the last thing you want for a
dog already struggling to breathe.
Finally, our Frenchie’s has short legs. Not to say that these legs are not powerful but for the
massive weight of the barrel shaped torso they just do not have enough power to keep the body afloat.
If you are wondering why on earth would I even want to enjoy the outside if I cannot take my
Frenchie with me, well I did say the short answer was no. Luckily, there are ways to enjoy the nice
summer with your Frenchie and swimming. First, all Frenchie’s need supervision. Not only in the water
but also in the heat. Heat exhaustion is a very dangerous problem for Frenchie’s, and we will go into
that another time. So, when in the water either make sure the water is shallow like a small wading pool
or if you have a bigger option try one of the many life vests available. They come in different sizes and
types and must be fitted correctly to provide the most safety for our little fur babies. Once properly
fitted hop in the pool and enjoy watching your Frenchie paddle those little legs and move that body all
over the place. We never said they didn’t like to swim just that they cant do it on their own.


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~Rock your Frenchie~

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